Thursday, January 17, 2013

CNC Machines: New and Old

Courtesy of ReSell CNC

 CNC Machines, also referred to as Computer Numerical Control Machines, have endured a rich history in the United States, and propelled the young country into the future. Allowing the U.S. to become the dominate manufacturing force in the world, CNC have a value much greater than their monetary price, they are the precious tools that built our modern way of life.

To understand the history of CNC machines, and their importance on mankind, you must first understand exactly how these machines work. Basically, a CNC is a machine that sculpts raw products (such as wood, steel, plastic, plaster, concrete, or other building materials) into a shape that has been predetermined by a set of -- or sets of -- coordinates and specifications. The machine itself has instructions for making a product, and performs these instructed duties over and over again -- making them efficient, fast, and reliable.

Today, these machines run with memories on hard drives, little computer chips attached to the tools that function as a brain for accepting instructions. In the 1930s and 1940s, these machines ran from round metallic disks with perforated holes in the same manner as player-pianos and music-boxes functioned. Some of these old "analog" used tools can still be found if searched for, but have given way to new and improved, computerized machines.

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