Monday, February 4, 2013

Injury Scams and Protection

You could call it a sign of the times, but injury attorneys in Pittsburgh and all around the United States are warning of increases in fraudulent scams involving personal injury. In these cases, a third party claims to have injured themselves at your liability (either in a staged car accident, or by "injuring" themselves on your property). Bowers Ross Fawcett in Pittsburgh warns the public that they are seeing these types of cases rise from just a handful 10 years ago, to an epidemic level now.

While the blame for this cannot be put solely on the state of the economy, but the fact remains that there are many people across the US struggling right now, and that when it comes down to it, many more people are resorting to taking criminal actions just to ensure that their bills are paid, and that there is food on the table.

While these cases are becoming more prominent, and any claim of injury could be considered suspicious, Bowers Ross Fawcett recommends that any accident, slip and fall, or other incident that an individual is claiming an injury that you are liable for, should require a consultation with an injury lawyer. While it is possible that the individual is truly hurt, and not just looking for a paycheck, it is best to go through a legal professional who is trained to separate the truly injured, from the truly criminals.