Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Factory Laptop Parts: Ticking Time Bombs

One unfortunate industry standard that we have this day in age, is the standardization of cheap parts in new laptop computers. Manufacturers fill their brand new laptop computers with these cheap and unreliable parts in order to bring down the retail prices of brand new laptops. So while we initially win on the purchase of a cheaper new laptop, we will eventually lose as those parts have a tendency to burn out quickly.

The problem with this standard is that, while the broken part is usually covered under factory warranty for 6 months to a year, that broken part is then replaced with the same cheap part once again. This will leave the problem still inside the laptop, only when the part burns out again, the laptop may be out of warranty. This will lead to much more expensive laptop repairs down the road.

Parts People, "The Dell Laptop Experts," have been doing laptop repair in Austin, TX for over 10 years and have replaced a whole lot of Dell laptop replacement parts. These experts say that the only way to get around this problem is to have your computer built from scratch, wherein you can specify the parts you would like to have in your laptop. While this will create a more expensive computer, it will save money in the long run. Another option that Parts People utilizes quite often, is to take the stock computer with its cheap parts, and then upgrade the parts that have the highest risk of failing. This too is a bit more expensive and may void the warranty on other aspects of the computer, but will provide for a much longer life of the computer as a whole.

While the aforementioned options are just those, options, they are viable options for those who would like to gain more years out of their computer. Again, the industry standard has become to use only cheap parts initially, and while this has lowered laptop prices considerably, the only way to have a long-term computer is to simply use more expensive parts.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Addiction Treatment Industry: Dual Diagnoses

There are numerous treatment programs that facilities and companies within the addiction treatment industry utilize to attain successful results. Programs can include anything from Christian rehab programs to holistic treatment. Dual diagnosis residential treatment programs are a fairly new type of treatment that is growing in popularity in the industry because they tackle both the obvious problem of chemical dependency, yet they also address the underlying issues that either cause the addiction or negatively support it in some way.

Underlying conditions that can support an addiction range from depression to post-traumatic stress. These issues are important to address because if you do not treat the underlying factors, you are not entirely treating all symptoms and causes of the disease.

New Dawn Treatment Centers in Northern California strive to treat dual diagnoses in the majority of their programs. Realizing that many of those struggling addiction were lead down the path of dependency by mental or physical issues, New Dawn utilizes the dual-diagnosis treatments to ensure that a full recovery from addiction can be both attained and retained.

To learn more about dual diagnoses, and New Dawn's Treatment programs and facilities, visit their official website at:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hurricane Sandy's Effect On Septic Systems

It has now been nearly three weeks since Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast with gale force winds and storm surge flooding. The storm was so immense that basic cleanup efforts are still taking place and could continue for months to come.

Long Island, NY is still reeling from the storm, with some residents still without power. While power is a basic necessity for the residents of Long Island, and is quite important, a lesser known effect of the storm is the toll the flood waters have taken on cesspools and septic systems all around the island.

The Northeastern United States is home to the largest amount of homes with septic plumbing in the world; some of these cesspools and tanks are over 200 years old. With the floodwater lifting the water table higher than normal, many of these cesspools were critically damaged. A critically damaged cesspool could leader to a cesspool emergency involving leaking (which could lead to groundwater contamination), or a complete cesspool failure, in-which the tank collapses in on itself and creates a dangerous sinkhole.

Quality Cesspool is a company based out of Long Island that performs routine cesspool pumping and maintenance, as well as responds to cesspool emergencies -- emergencies that have skyrocketed since Sandy made landfall.

The majority of the cesspool emergencies involve septic tanks that were not properly maintained before the hurricane; without that little bit of upkeep, these septic tanks are failing and the homeowners are returning home to find out that the entire tank must now be excavated from the ground, sometimes requiring the foundation itself to be worked on. The sad part of this is that cesspool maintenance is not expensive at all, and Cesspool Services to all the monthly dirty work for you. For those who chose not to regularly protect the pits, it is now an expensive, smelly mess.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Everything Under One Roof

When it comes to construction, there are many various fields and subtypes of contracting that make up the larger picture. When building a house, often those who pour the foundation have nothing to do with the framing, the framers have nothing to do with the plumbing, the plumbers have nothing to do with the electrical, and the electricians have nothing to do with the final roofing. All of these specialists know their roles, they have practiced their roles, and they are proficient in them.

When it comes to roofing, there is one specialist with over 18 years in the business that covers all aspects of roofing; from wholesale roofing supplies to repairs to verifying trusted roofing contractors, Roofers Supply in Utah knows the business.

Roofers Supply deals in both residential and commercial roofing and has a plethora of roofing products that ensure your roof is unique, strong, and can withstand the test of time. An authorized dealer of many different brands of roofing materials, their showrooms are filled with exhibits from companies such as ABC Metal, TAMKO Roofing, DaVinci Composite Tile and Shake, DuPont, Carlisle, and many other trusted names.

With 5 locations around the State, there is sure to be a location close to you.

Visit them online at http://www.roofersutah.com/ or stop by one of their showrooms at:

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Winter Cometh: Can Your Roof Handle It?

Following a very hot and muggy summer, forecasters are expecting the winter of 2012 to be an icy and grueling one.

Parts of the Northeastern United States are already seeing heavy snow -- in the wake of Hurricane Sandy merging with an Nor'easter cold front and creating powerful blizzards up and down the Eastern Seaboard. But there are many other parts of the country that are expected to be hit just as hard with some heavy early snows.

Utah, Arizona, and Colorado are expected to get their first heavy snows this weekend. Phoenix, Arizona is expected to see a 30 degree drop from Friday to Saturday alone. Utah and Colorado ski resorts are expecting that they could possibly open within the next week or so as well.

With all this snow imminent, we must beg the question: "How is your roof holding up?"

The question is begged, because snow takes a particular toll on rooftops; not only because of the added weight it impresses upon them, but because the freezing temperatures and snow itself tend to tear away at traditional roofing products used in the Southwest.

With winter starting off with a bang, experts in the roofing industry expect that after this winter many existing roofs will need serious maintenance, repairs, or may need to be completely rebuilt. With this being said, it is smart for homeowners and business property owners to start thinking about the state of their roofs early.

Roofers Supply in Utah is one such company trying to get the word out to people to have their roofs inspected and make necessary repairs before the snows get really rough. Accidents such as collapses can not only be dangerous, but can also be very costly.

It is essential to have a contracted roofer at least take a look at your roof (especially if your home or building is over 20 years old) to inspect for any cracks, weaknesses, stresses, or other factors that could lead to a dangerous situation.

As we move on deeper into the colder months, and families come together for holidays and all gather under one roof, safety is the utmost concern -- safety of your family and all of your possessions and important items under that roof.