Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Embedded Boards and Automation

When it comes to automation within the manufacturing industry, the industry standard for computing power (used to direct automated mechanical devices) is through an embedded computer. When running automated machinery such as robotic arms and computer-assisted laser cutting, not just any computer can run the detailed programming needed to run in real-time.

Embedded single board computers are not like the laptops or desktops that we use everyday. These computers are set to run a specific task, with little to no error rate. This is very important on keeping the automated machines running productively throughout their lifetimes. These computers, however, must be created from scratch to deal with the specific tasks that it will be required to perform.

The industry leader in the manufacturing of these embedded boards is The specific customizations for each computer can vary greatly from one to another, but more information on what these computers are capable of can be obtained through the company's official website at:

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