Monday, November 19, 2012

Addiction Treatment Industry: Dual Diagnoses

There are numerous treatment programs that facilities and companies within the addiction treatment industry utilize to attain successful results. Programs can include anything from Christian rehab programs to holistic treatment. Dual diagnosis residential treatment programs are a fairly new type of treatment that is growing in popularity in the industry because they tackle both the obvious problem of chemical dependency, yet they also address the underlying issues that either cause the addiction or negatively support it in some way.

Underlying conditions that can support an addiction range from depression to post-traumatic stress. These issues are important to address because if you do not treat the underlying factors, you are not entirely treating all symptoms and causes of the disease.

New Dawn Treatment Centers in Northern California strive to treat dual diagnoses in the majority of their programs. Realizing that many of those struggling addiction were lead down the path of dependency by mental or physical issues, New Dawn utilizes the dual-diagnosis treatments to ensure that a full recovery from addiction can be both attained and retained.

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