Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Cometh: Can Your Roof Handle It?

Following a very hot and muggy summer, forecasters are expecting the winter of 2012 to be an icy and grueling one.

Parts of the Northeastern United States are already seeing heavy snow -- in the wake of Hurricane Sandy merging with an Nor'easter cold front and creating powerful blizzards up and down the Eastern Seaboard. But there are many other parts of the country that are expected to be hit just as hard with some heavy early snows.

Utah, Arizona, and Colorado are expected to get their first heavy snows this weekend. Phoenix, Arizona is expected to see a 30 degree drop from Friday to Saturday alone. Utah and Colorado ski resorts are expecting that they could possibly open within the next week or so as well.

With all this snow imminent, we must beg the question: "How is your roof holding up?"

The question is begged, because snow takes a particular toll on rooftops; not only because of the added weight it impresses upon them, but because the freezing temperatures and snow itself tend to tear away at traditional roofing products used in the Southwest.

With winter starting off with a bang, experts in the roofing industry expect that after this winter many existing roofs will need serious maintenance, repairs, or may need to be completely rebuilt. With this being said, it is smart for homeowners and business property owners to start thinking about the state of their roofs early.

Roofers Supply in Utah is one such company trying to get the word out to people to have their roofs inspected and make necessary repairs before the snows get really rough. Accidents such as collapses can not only be dangerous, but can also be very costly.

It is essential to have a contracted roofer at least take a look at your roof (especially if your home or building is over 20 years old) to inspect for any cracks, weaknesses, stresses, or other factors that could lead to a dangerous situation.

As we move on deeper into the colder months, and families come together for holidays and all gather under one roof, safety is the utmost concern -- safety of your family and all of your possessions and important items under that roof.


  1. When winter comes, its a lot harder to take care of one's roof due to ice damming occurring. This can cause water damage in your attic.

    -Keystone Contracting Corp.
    Roofing Contractor Brooklyn

  2. Aside from raking the thick layer of snow in your roof, insulating the roof and the ceiling is what will save the homeowners from a costly repair. One way to prevent ice dams is to make sure the attic is well ventilated and insulation is enough to prevent ice dam from forming.

  3. Attic ventilation and roof insulation are great prevention for ice dams. But if you wake up and saw that thick layer of snow in your roof, rake it down immediately. Just be careful when raking so you will not scratch the materials of your roof.