Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Factory Laptop Parts: Ticking Time Bombs

One unfortunate industry standard that we have this day in age, is the standardization of cheap parts in new laptop computers. Manufacturers fill their brand new laptop computers with these cheap and unreliable parts in order to bring down the retail prices of brand new laptops. So while we initially win on the purchase of a cheaper new laptop, we will eventually lose as those parts have a tendency to burn out quickly.

The problem with this standard is that, while the broken part is usually covered under factory warranty for 6 months to a year, that broken part is then replaced with the same cheap part once again. This will leave the problem still inside the laptop, only when the part burns out again, the laptop may be out of warranty. This will lead to much more expensive laptop repairs down the road.

Parts People, "The Dell Laptop Experts," have been doing laptop repair in Austin, TX for over 10 years and have replaced a whole lot of Dell laptop replacement parts. These experts say that the only way to get around this problem is to have your computer built from scratch, wherein you can specify the parts you would like to have in your laptop. While this will create a more expensive computer, it will save money in the long run. Another option that Parts People utilizes quite often, is to take the stock computer with its cheap parts, and then upgrade the parts that have the highest risk of failing. This too is a bit more expensive and may void the warranty on other aspects of the computer, but will provide for a much longer life of the computer as a whole.

While the aforementioned options are just those, options, they are viable options for those who would like to gain more years out of their computer. Again, the industry standard has become to use only cheap parts initially, and while this has lowered laptop prices considerably, the only way to have a long-term computer is to simply use more expensive parts.

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